Pool Equipment Repairs

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service can repair your pump in store. Supplying replacement bearings, mechanical seal, capacitors, impeller, o-rings, baskets and lids.

Swimming pool suction cleaners can sometimes be difficult to identify why it’s not operating properly. Pulling apart the cleaners to find the problem can be a challenge in its self.

We can supply and replace the parts for the pool suction cleaners. If a specific part is required we can order parts directly and get the pool cleaner repaired and back into the pool.

If your chlorinator is not operating as it usually does. Firstly check there no lights flashing on the control panel and there is enough salt in your pool water, also checking the cell has been cleaned and free of any calcium build up. If there is still no response from the chlorinator it is worthwhile getting the unit assessed before buying a new chlorinator.

Chlorinator repairs are sent to an offsite repairer, where the chlorinator and cell are assessed. We have a 3 day turnaround on chlorinator repairs and the repaired unit comes with a warranty (depending on the repair).

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