Swimming Pool Supplies and Chemicals

Quality pool supplies and chemicals are the key to a beautiful pool

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supply a huge range of quality pool supplies and chemicals at competitive prices. Moreover, with 25 years in the pool and spa business, we know exactly what’s most effective and the best value for money. In short, keeping the water balanced and tested every month is essential. This means perfect swimming conditions, crystal clear water and maximum relaxation.

Our range of pool supplies and chemicals

Pool Salt and Chlorine
Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supplies high quality pool salt, mineral salts, liquid chlorine, and granular chlorine for pool sanitation systems.

Balancing Chemicals
Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supply a huge range of quality pool and spa balancing chemicals at competitive prices. Keeping the water balanced and tested every month is essential for comfortable swimming conditions and water clarity.

Speciality Products
Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service has a specific range of speciality products to accommodate all kinds of pools in the Nambucca Valley. Supplying quality and efficient specialty products enables us to tackle those irregular issues with pool water or pool surface. The change in the seasons can also create issues with the pool water. Consequently, by incorporating additional speciality products into the monthly water balance, these issues can be controlled or avoided. Examples include green pool, algae growth, stains, and even ducks.

Non Chlorine Sanitation
Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supplies a variety of non chlorine based sanitation products for swimmers with sensitive skin. The Good Splash BioBlu eco-friendly range of products is available for pools and spas. This hypo-allergenic product provides a very simple method to treating your pool or spa without salt or chlorine.

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