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We offer a complete Pool Pump and Filter Repair Service

With over 25 years experience successfully operating a busy pool and spa business, we offer a complete pool pump and filter repair service that’s prompt, great value for money and only use quality brands. We have extensive experience across all makes and with all kinds of pool pumps and filters.

Everyone wants a crystal clear pool and while sanitising goes a long way towards keeping the water clean and healthy, there is another half to the equation: filtering. But it’s not just a simple matter of installing the equipment. The type of media chosen for the filter can make a huge difference to the quality of the water and the amount of maintenance required.
Sand and glass pearls are among the main options of filter media available on the market. Both have benefits and drawbacks to be considered. Call in or phone our friendly staff to chat about your best filter media option.

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service New Equipment Installation

Pool Filtration Systems

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supplies and installs sand/media filters and cartridge filters. We have quality filters from a range of suppliers to suit your pool. Supplying quality replacement cartridges for your cartridge filter or fine or coarse sand/media for your sand filter.

Pool Pumps

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supplies a wide range of pool or spa pumps. Choices range from budget friendly pumps to the latest eco pumps. We have quality pumps from a range of suppliers to suit your pool requirements. Having the right pump is intricate to effectiveness of the filter operation.

Pool Sanitation Systems

Roscoe’s Pool & Spa Service supplies and installs various types of sanitation systems. From basic tablet dispensers and liquid chlorine feeder to the latest digital sanitation systems. Pool water sanitation is essential for healthy swimming conditions. Installing a good sanitation system can take the hassle out of the upkeep of the pool, allowing the warmer months to be an enjoyable swimming season and not a season of green pool treatments.

Automatic Pool Cleaners

Suction Cleaners

Pool Suction Cleaners are an economical and efficient way to keep the pool clean. They are a simple and a very effective piece of pool cleaning equipment. Simple setup and operation. Climbs walls of most pool types.

Robotic Cleaners

The Pool Pro iCleaner 120 Robotic Pool Cleaner – with wall and stair climbing capability, waterline cleaning, 2 power drive motors, full function remote control, aluminium caddy for easy transportation and storage, 15m floating cable and a 2 year residential limited warranty.

Free 1 hour demo of the new robotic cleaner. Call to discuss a booking 02 6568 9939.


“It has been a joy to use and watch it do its work and it has certainly made this Autumn and Winter much less labour-intensive for me with the usual mass shedding of leaves into the Pool!”

“Pleasantly surprised for the amount of debris picked up during the 2 hours the unit was running. I have palm trees and gum trees near the pool and often a huge pile of leaves builds up on the bottom of the pool and this robotic cleaner had no issues with sucking it up and without spreading more debris. The remote is a pretty cool feature too, simple and easy to use”

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