Solar Pool Heating and Electric Heat Pumps

Pool Heating

A swimming pool is major financial investment. Getting the most out of your pool means being able to swim in the pool for the maximum number of hours per day. Get the maximum amount of swimming in your pool, day and night, with a choice of energy efficient pool heating options and extend your swimming season.

Solar Blankets

Pool Solar Blankets are a great way to extend your swimming season, with a simple roller system you can retract the insulating pool cover for storage. Pool Solar Blankets can make the pool water up to 8°C warmer and decrease water evaporation by 90%.

Zane Solar Panelling

Zane Solar harnesses the natural power of the sun and extends your swimming season by creating beautiful warm water enabling you and your family to spend more time relaxing in your pool, without costing the earth and harming the environment. Pools are generally only at a swimmable temperature for 3-4 months of the year, a solar heated pool can be expected to maintain swimmable temperatures for 6-9 months of the year.

Zane Solar Panelling offers the following:

  • Adapts to roof shape to maximise coverage
  • Outstanding heat transfer properties
  • Exceptional durability and UV stabilized.

Electric Heating

The Electroheat pump range is a great alternative for heating your pool without relying on the sun 24/7.

Heat pumps work like a reverse cycle air conditioner by extracting ambient heat from the atmosphere, which is then transferred to the pool water. A solar blanket is used to trap the heat in the water generated from the sun and also the electric heat pump, resulting in a cost effective and efficient pool heating system.

The compact design is an ideal solution to modern living spaces, where you and your family can enjoy year round swimming and get full value out of your pool investment.

The Electroheat range includes:

  • In-ground or above ground pools
  • Plunge pools
  • Swim spas
  • Spas
  • Available in 9, 12, 15, 19 and 23kW

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