Maintaining Optimum Water Quality

Keeping your pool or spa water balanced is important for healthy water conditions and swimming comfortability. Swimming is a huge part of Australian lifestyles, it promotes good physical, metal and cardiovascular health, not to mention the wonderful recreational and family gathering aspects of having a pool.

If pools and spas are managed properly not only does it make for beautiful luxurious swimming, it also reduces the risk of micro-organisms growing in your pool or spa water. Spas in particular are at a high risk of contamination due to the warm temperatures and the small volume of water, these factors encourage rapid growth of bacteria in spas. Sanitation is crucial to the health of the pool or spa water and can be easily managed by an automatic sanitation system, these systems keep the water sanitation at an ideal level for healthy swimming conditions. Consistent sanitation is the key to control the growth of micro-organisms in the water and the PH balance is managed for skin comfortability. If the pool or spa water PH is out of balance this is where swimmers can suffer from itchy skin, skin rashes, sore or itchy eyes. Pool Maintenances are a great way to take the hassle out of the upkeep of the pool or spa. Having the pool water tested and balanced regularly, dramatically lowers the risk of micro-organisms contaminating the pool or spa water.

Don’t take the pool water quality for granted get your pool water tested instore and treatment plan and receive a free water test and water sample bottle.

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