Sand Filter Maintenance

Servicing your sand filter is an important part of maintaining an efficient pool filtration system. As your sand filter is the main source of catchment of leaf debris and micro-particles, the sand filter can begin to build pressure and not filter the pool water efficiently. Regular backwash and rinsing routine will aid in the longevity of the sand/media and in keeping the pool water looking its best.

A working pressure gauge is important in letting you know when to backwash and rinse the sand filter. If left too long between sand changes, over time the sand/media wears down and become fine particles that end up circulating through the rest of the pool equipment, this can lead to damage of the filter laterals causing sand throughout the pipe work and eventually into the pool. Old sand in the sand filter can also build-up on the walls of the filter that becomes hard and compact, creating back pressure which can put the filter under excessive pressure and can lead to damage to the sand filter itself. To keep your sand filter working at optimal efficiency it is beneficial to keep up to date with sand changes every four years on average.

There are various types of media – standard sand, zeolite, fine or course glass media. Speaking to one of our staff members can clarify and take the hassle out of your sand change. Check out the range of onsite services Roscoe’s Pool and Spa Services has to offer.

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